Prints Available Online Posted on 29 Jul 22:43

Been traveling a lot this festival season, four months in the season left to go. August is hot and slow, only one show this month but I will be spending a lot of time getting ready for the next 10 or so shows that are rapidly approaching. I was able to get my prints up online and hopefully in the next week will have some more CREEPS up too. Its hard to keep up! I will also be posting my confirmed show schedule on here in the next couple of days so you'll know if I'm coming near you anytime soon! Once the season is done, I will restock the website completely and continue to work through the winter on some new pieces I have swimming around this crazy brain of mine. I hope you've all had a great summer and thank you, as always, for your support, kind words and everything else you do that keeps me motivated and moving forward. 

Chris Cumbie, out. 

Whoa...I'm online...I think... Posted on 2 Dec 00:07

So yeah...I'm going to try this online store thing out for a bit. 

Just remember, I'm good with wood, metal, junk, etc...not computers and wires and websites. But I'll do my best.

Oh yeah, you should follow me on FB and Instagram and those kinda things too. I'm pretty good at those. 

If I did this right you should be able to click on those icon thingys at the bottom of the pages on here and find me there.

Fingers crossed that works.

I'm gonna go carve something now, my brain hurts from all this technology stuff.

Is anybody actually reading this?