Website and Life Update - Nov. 2023 Posted on 26 Nov 02:23

November 2023 - website restock and life update.

Holiday Re-Stock Posted on 10 Dec 22:55

Got some more art uploaded to the site!

Deadline for standard shipping time for the holidays is December 17th! 

Expedited shipping deadline is December 19th! 

Much love and Happy Holidays! 

Spring Schedule 2022 Posted on 18 Mar 01:48

2022 Spring Festival Schedule and Important Website Info.

Oh hey! New STUFF added to the website - FINALLY! Posted on 30 Nov 00:44

Phew, first round of stuff has been added to the site and everything seems to be working properly. If you have any questions about anything, hit me up. I'll be adding new art as I complete it - but right now I need a nap. Technology hurts my brain. Thanks for looking, hope you find something you like!


First things first, I want to thank you guys for being so patient. I’ve been getting a ton of messages about when my website shopping will be turned back on and I am so grateful for the interest.
I’m getting very, very, very close, I promise. Don't give up on me! 
It will be back up and running within the next couple of days! 🎉
And the last day for regular USPS holiday shipping is December 17th, so there is plenty of time.
As promised, anyone who signs up for my email list will get a heads up and a chance to check it out before I post it anywhere else.
So if you want first dibs, click the following link OR sign up in the form field at the bottom of my website pages ASAP.
As always, y’all rock! The support and encouraging words I have received this year has been humbling and amazing. My soul needed it more than you know.
Much love,
Chris Cumbie Art

Holiday ReStock Posted on 26 Nov 23:57

Work hard, stay humble.

"Back" at It Posted on 14 Aug 17:42

Ready to test drive this new permanent "hardware" and see what I can do!


"Back" at It Posted on 14 Aug 17:42

Ready to test drive this new permanent "hardware" and see what I can do!

The Struggle is Real? Posted on 16 Apr 00:56

More rambling reflections...

Self-Quarantining in the Art Studio Posted on 22 Mar 12:00

Weird times call for weird art, right???