Website and Life Update - Nov. 2023 Posted on 26 Nov 02:23

Hey There!
It took a hot minute website is officially stocked up for the holidays, and it's live at!
If you're down for some art this holiday season, hit the site fast and snag your favorites because this is my BIGGEST online drop ever! 
Why such big restock, you ask? Well, on Nov. 27th, I'm embarking on an "adventure" – major back surgery. Yep, I'm getting a titanium upgrade! 🤖
As some of you may know, I've been struggling with a spinal issue for the past decade and after one failed surgery about three years ago, and the most physically and mentally challenging year so far, the time has come.
But don't worry about receiving orders in time for the holidays, fear not. I've got an incredible team, including my rockstar wife and my irreplaceable studio assistant, who will be shipping out all your orders while I'm on my way to becoming a bionic man.
Recovery time? Oh, just a mere 8-12 weeks. 😬 I'm aiming for the speedy 8 because I'm not the “sits-still very well” type. During this time, I won't be able to create any Custom CREEPS, work on current commissions or take on new commissions. My sincerest apologies for that. But I've stocked over 100 CREEPS , some "not-so-square" squares, and a limited edition sticker sheet on the website. I wanted to make sure there was a good selection for y’all to choose from while I am down for the count. I pushed through to get it done because it’s important to me to provide art to all of you who have been asking and to contribute my family during this recovery period.
Now is the time to grab them. Unfortunately due to the rising costs of supplies (thanks a lot, inflation), I'll be nudging up the prices on my CREEPS next year. It's a small bump to keep up with the costs, but I wanted to be transparent and let you all know. So, grab your CREEPS before the end of the year!
Before I sign off, a massive shout-out to you all for supporting original art. I couldn't do what I do without you. If you've got some positive vibes to spare, send 'em my way, and toss a bunch to my fam too. We're in for a wild, and hopefully not too bumpy, ride over the next couple of months. I can't wait to get healed, jump back into the studio and catch you all on the flip side.
Much love and happy holidays,
Chris Cumbie