Self-Quarantining in the Art Studio Posted on 22 Mar 12:00

Warning - long rambling post ahead.
So I've been a bit quiet on here lately, sitting back and watching everything unfold. And I haven't really known what to say. It's been a lot to take in. With festival after festival after festival getting cancelled or being postponed it's been overwhelming and scary as hell, to say the least. My family is being directly affected by this, but so are countless others. So many are struggling for so many different reasons. Beyond the financial uncertainty, we are really missing our artist family that we are usually spending time with at different festivals right now. That alone has taken a mental toll and brought this social distancing to a whole new level. We are being very careful here at home, my wife and my son both fall into the high-risk category, and as tough as our little Birdie is, we still don't want our daughter to have to experience something like this at such a young age..or ever. So we are hunkered down, chasing a stir crazy toddler around and trying to be as productive as possible. As most of you know I only have my CREEPS online once a year at the end of the year around the holidays. Due to this crazy situation, that's about to change. My wife has been working hard to get them online and I will continue to add more art as I finish it. I know that things are tight for many right now, but check it out if you can. In making these, it hit me hard with how many of the sayings are more relevant now than ever. There definitely will be a helluva story to tell with any of the ones purchased during this time. All I know to do is to keep making art in hopes that we will back on the road seeing your smiling faces sooner rather than later.
Much love, positive thoughts and healthy vibes from our family to yours.
Chris Cumbie